Hello, I’m your Translator

Who Am I?

Yuki Okamura

What Interests Me?

Language, Art, Fashion, Films, etc.


Interpreting: small tour interpreting, booth interpreting at New Zealand Educational Seminar, and at NY NOW 2021, and a semiconductor company (including translating)
Translation (JP => EN): a self-published book, articles of Wakayama Prefectural museum


MA of Translation Studies, 1st grade on the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, the completion of a Japanese language advanced teaching course (over 420 hours), 2nd grade on a test in colour coordination, 4th grade on art certification test (trying to achieve the upper grade) and 3rd grade in Semiconductor Engineer Career Certification


To be a freelance Translator (interpreter/ translator)
To translate content in art, fashion, and film
To try something new and deepen my knowledge

Message for You

I am very passionate about both translating oral language and written language. The fields listed above especially attract me, however, many other ones also interest me. Feel free to contact me.


Email: yokamura3160@gmail.com

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